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Eary Bird Trip snorkel tour

Early Bird Tour, This solution suitable for: whom may need to be away from crowded tourits in the general tour and this tours running for 4 places with short time service from 08:00 am. and tour end at 12.00 noon. Feel comfortable and be away from crowded with chillack, Koh Tao, Thailand, solution for snorkelingtour with uncrowded tourist

Morning Trip

Our Moring Trip, offers daily depending of weather condition. Nicely with the early trip for snorkeling and explore the environment of the island Koh Tao, with the fist spot is

Afternoon Trip

Other chance of snorkeling experience with our Afternoon trip service start pick up 11:00 am. Trip end at 06:00 pm.


Our snorkeling tour services

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Welcome to Oxygen Tour Kohtao, the best touring service in Koh Tao! We are a definitive source of information for your adventures in Koh Tao and Thailand as a whole. Today, you’ll find some important information about us as we help you make the best Thai adventure.

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For all your concerns about Thai culture, you’ll find it here on this website. Whether it’s about the best travel places or important etiquette to remember, this site has it all. We keep our blogs updated every Monday, so be sure to check out all our latest guides.

About our touring system

We’ve been guiding countless tourists over the years. That’s why today, we’ve created a tried-and-tested system that we can recommend to tourists like you to follow for the best Thai experience. So when you visit Koh Tao or the entirety of Thailand, you are assured of an incredible guide that maximizes your experience. 

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Our team consists of some of the most experienced and talented people from all walks of life. The reason why we’ve made so many of our clients happy is that our team is a diverse set of people who are frequently updated on the latest travel trends all over the globe. 

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When visiting Thailand, be sure to choose us! As our services can adjust to your overall budget and the goals you have. Meaning, though you can choose to follow our tried-and-tested guides in their entirety, you can also change them to fulfil your needs. Simply give us a message on our chatbox for any of your suggested travel guide changes.


We are always empowered by our client’s words! Here are some that inspire us to continuously improve our services.

Johnny Fader says: 

‘Looking to maximize your Thailand experience? Then Oxygen Tour Kohtao is the best service to have! With a complete guide that helped me and my fiance travel the country, we managed to make the most of our trip. We’ll surely be back to get some honeymoon travel guides. Thanks, guys!’

Arya Karina says:

‘Koh Tao is always one of the islands I’ve wanted to visit. But it’s super big! I don’t know how I can fit it in a small, 5-day itinerary. Luckily, Oxygen Tour Kohtao allowed me to maximize my experience by giving me a well-rounded itinerary that lets me go on adventures and have some meals. You guys deserve 5 stars for these services!’

Jackie Yi says:

‘I am of Thai descent from my mother’s side of the family, so I wanted to visit my ancestral country. However, aside from visiting my family, I wanted to go around the country. But with the size of Thailand, I need someone to make an itinerary. At Oxygen Tour Kohtao, I got a fully customized tour that I’ll never forget. Thanks for everything, guys!’