11 terrifyingly fun places to visit in Thailand

11 terrifyingly fun places to visit in Thailand

With a lot of ghost movies under their belt, it’s clear that the supernatural are a big part of Thai culture. Are you a fan of these movies? If so, then you’re in for a treat with this special article here at Oxygen Tour Kohtao! 

Today, you’ll find some of the most haunted places in Thailand for some terrifyingly fun adventures. Can’t wait to get your hair raised up? Then after reading this article, we dare you to visit these chilling places.

Kamchanod Forest

One of the chilling places to go to is a forest. Amidst the rich greenery, you’ll never know what creatures lurk. Kamchanod Forest is also a place of great mystery. 

Known for its deep waterways and underground caves, Kamchanod Forest is perfect for daring adventurers. The Kamchanod Forest is said to contain the mythical kingdom of Phaya Naga, an enormous serpentine creature. According to legend, Phaya Naga was an ally to Lord Buddha that sent enormous flames into the sky to help him reach heaven. For fans of mythic beasts and great magic, you will surely find this place interesting. 

Khao Lak

This beautiful resort has a creepy history. Built on top of one of Asia’s biggest tragedies, you’ll be sharing your room with lost and wandering souls. 

In 2004, the once beautiful seaside town of Khao Lak was devastated by a great tsunami. A tsunami that took the lives of 4,000 people who were going about their everyday lives. Then, from the ruins of this tragedy, a beautiful resort was built on top. 

Many visitors believe that these souls continue to roam the Earth still in shock of their tragic fate. Some believe that their screams can still be heard at night.

Bang Pu Shoe Factory

The industrial revolution’s many factories created the world as we know it today. Unfortunately, progress also meant tragedy for some. 

The Bang Pu Shoe Factory is no different. According to historians, there was an accident that killed many of its workers. After some time, the surviving workers start to hear the ghastly wallows of their old co-workers inside the factory. However, this is just the beginning of something more horrifying.

Due to the fright, many of the employees chose to look for jobs elsewhere. As a result, the factory underwent bankruptcy and its owner took his own life in grief. 

Since then, the factory has been shut down because of the tragedies that befell it, leaving only the tortured souls of the working class and their boss to roam around the halls looking for peace and purpose.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

As societal progress continues, new cities are built and old ones are left to wither. However, as more people leave for new cities, some choose to stay in the old ones. Then, as the old cities get abandoned and are left to rot, the people living in them do too. 

In Thailand, you will find many ancient cities haunted by the voices of the forgotten. Ayutthaya Historical Park is one of them. Characterized by run-down and towering buildings, this historical park is a tragic reminder of a once-proud civilization. 

Many visitors claim to have seen the decapitated ghost of Pu Som Fao Sap—an old man watching over the treasures of the city. The deaths of the people of Ayutthaya Historical Park are varied. Whether they died of abandonment or from the brutal clashes with invading Burmese forces, these voices continue to roam aimlessly in the only place they’ve called home.

Koh Kham Noi

No vacation is complete without going to a beautiful island! With beautiful, clear blue waters, a gorgeous beach, and eerie voices that come from nowhere, you are sure to have a great time. Wait, what? 

Yes, you’ll find trouble in paradise in Thailand’s infamous ‘Ghost Island’. This beautiful island has been the burial ground of thousands of people. Leaving you accompanied by souls that are far from and have no way home. 

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Being one of the tallest towers in Southeast Asia is not the only reason why Baiyoke Sky Hotel is a notable place to visit. As many people know, the construction of this hotel has caused the deaths of three construction workers. Using substandard equipment, these workers plummeted towards their doom as they built the hotel. 

According to guests, the enraged souls of these once-proud workers still roam the building they’ve helped build. Some of them even had sightings of creepy shadows and the mysterious movement of objects while they were in the high-class area of the hotel. Who knew premium services meant ghost sightings as well?

Koh Hingham

Whatever you do, don’t touch the black stones of Koh Hingham! 

Koh Hingham is a small, uninhabited island near Koh Lipe in Satun Province visitors can go during the day. When visiting, heed the warnings of the legends! For the God of Tarutao, Koh Hin Ngam cursed the black stones of Koh Hingham with misfortune to whoever steals them! Local government agents claim that many visitors who’ve stolen some stones have been mailing them back to return to the island so as to not incur Koh Hin Ngam.

River Kwai Bridge and Hellfire Pass

‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions.’ Nothing symbolizes this quote more with the River Kwai Bridge and Hellfire Pass. Initially built as an ambitious railway that connects Thailand to Burma Railway during times of Japanese occupation, many labourers who’ve built this pass have died. 

From the prisoners of the Japanese-Thai war to enslaved local Thai were forced to build this structure under inhumane conditions—causing many of them to die from malnutrition, accidents, and murder. According to historians and some statisticians, for every sleeper along the 415-kilometre (258-mile) railway, a single person has died. 

Due to this, many spectres continue to haunt this pass searching for justice long-denied to them because of the Japanese occupation.

Jangmuarinnakorn House

Nothing says scary more than a haunted house! With a dark and abandoned atmosphere and eerie images of those who once lived in the house, you are sure to experience that tingle that you are not alone inside the house.

At the Jangmuarinnakorn House, you will surely feel this haunting feeling. As one of the most haunted houses in Thailand, Jangmuarinnakorn House has a terrifying history. 

Locals said that the tragedy of this home could’ve been easily avoided if the former owner listened to the guidance of spiritists. This is because, despite their warnings of bad omen, the owner constructed a large, European-style estate and brought along his family to live there. 

However, as the family continued to stay in this home, the evil that lurked in the shadows took over the will of the landowner and made him murder each member of his family in a horrific fashion—with no trace of their bodies. 

Due to this dark history, not even squatters or demolition companies choose to enter this lot for personal gain. Now, after decades of abandonment, this terrifyingly tragic family home continues to decay and looks like a large grave of those who once lived in it. 

Are you one of the few brave souls willing to venture through this ghastly home and learn its secrets? 

Suvarnabhumi Airport

In this airport, the planes are not the only ones that depart. 

Believed to be once a graveyard site, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is now home to the many souls that once resided there. Some employees even claim that they have been possessed by the supernatural beings who lived there.

Reports say that a simple baggage handler was possessed by a man called Poo Ming, the soul of the former caretaker of the graveyard. However, this possession is not the only haunting thing that’s happened in the area. 

Car crashes, aircraft problems, and unusual apparitions have also been blamed upon the spectres who reside in the halls of the airport. Due to these spine-tingling events, there have been numerous spirit ceremonies and several shrines have been strategically erected to appease the ethereal spirits. 

Ajarn Chuan Ashram

Visit the many statues at the Ajarn Chuan Ashram and discover the eerie dark magic that envelops the area. 

According to legend, this ashram (a place for religious leaders and their acolytes) was once owned by a monk notorious for practising forbidden sorcery. Using human remains such as hair, nails, and even tattooed skin, this monk practised dark ceremonies that combined organic remains with statue-making material. He then filled the island with life-like stone statues. 

After his death, the ashram was left abandoned and filled with vegetation. Giving the area an even creepier atmosphere as its now only residents are the statues and plants.

Many visitors are discouraged to come here at night because of the legend that the dark magic surrounding the area gives consciousness to the statues that live in the Ashram.

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