18 fun things you can enjoy in Koh Tao

Oxygen Tour Kohtao: 18 fun things you can enjoy in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand. As a large island with numerous beaches and large mountains to hike to, there’s so much for everyone to enjoy on this gorgeous island! 

Today at Oxygen Tour Kohtao, you’ll find 18 of the best activities you can do while on vacation here in Koh Tao, Thailand. 

Visit a beautiful festival

Do you love fun drinks, dancing, and energizing music to dance to? Then the parties at Koh Tao can give you that and more! 

Regardless of when you take your vacation, there’s always a fun festival for you to enjoy here. One of our best festivals to attend is the Koh Tao underwater festival, an annual festival held on June 18-19. With a colourful underwater theme, a chance to meet the native aquatic creatures, and of course, fun parties by the beach, you’ll love our underwater festival! 

Go snorkelling 

For those daredevils looking for some underwater excitement, why not have a fun adventure with the kings of the sea! Yes, we offer you the chance to have a dip with some of nature’s mightiest predators in this safe and fun adventure.

If you want something more comfortable, you can simply choose an area filled with colourful schools of fish and see what their every day is like.

Watch the sunset at Mango Bay Viewpoint

For something more serene, then enjoy the sunset at Mango Bay Viewpoint. From there, you can see the warm and beautiful hues of red, pink, and violet envelop the area as the sun goes down. Helping you feel relaxed and amazed by its great beauty.

If you like, there are also bars nearby that give you some delicious drinks to have as you enjoy the sunset.


Koh Tao is known for its many mountains and hills to climb. Once you reach the top, you’ll see some of the most breathtaking sights in the world as you see the entirety of the island.

Or, even as you like, you’ll also see some beautiful forests and vegetation that’s native to the island. This hike is also quite short, so if you’re not yet used to going on hikes, you can still enjoy this activity.

Here are the best places for you to hike to on the island:

  • pier in Mae Haad
  • Charm Churee resort
  • Sensi paradise resort
  • Jansom Bay on Koh Tao
  • Sai Nuan beach
  • Sai Nuan 2
  • Tao Thong Bay
  • Tao Thong 2

Eat at delicious Thai restaurants 

Thailand is known for its delicious and refreshing meals. So while you’re here at Koh Tao, visit some of the restaurants for the best meals to have! 

Regardless of your diet or taste in food, these restaurants will give you some of the best Asian meals you’ll ever have! Thanks to the natural, home-grown ingredients, you are assured that they’re healthy as well. So you can enjoy a fun, guilt-free dining experience in some of our local restaurants.

Pick up some unique products at the local shops

Whatever your needs and interests, you are sure to find something to buy at our gift shops. From gorgeous cotton shirts to hand-crafted items, there are numerous things for you to purchase and bring back home.

Learning how to cook your Thai food

Do you love cooking? Then we also offer classes where you can learn how to cook Thai food. From some of the most refreshing vegetable-based meals to the sweet and heavy desserts, you can bring Thailand home by learning our dishes. 

Learn how to be a Muay Thai fighter

One of the best things about Thailand is that we have our martial arts style. It’s been around for 700 years, so you know there are a great number of skills to learn! These classes we offer are available for both men, women, and athletes of all ages and skill levels. 

So if you’re looking for a unique skill to learn, Muay Thai is something cool for you to know.

Do some underwater photography

With all the great sea creatures you can find under our oceans, you have a lot of subjects for your upcoming projects! From colourful schools of fish, a variety of coral species, and various undersea life, you are sure to have an amazing adventure under the sea. 

Rock climbing

Looking for a fun exercise routine? Then go rock climbing! We have a lot of mountains for you to climb, so be sure to try them out. Not sure if you’re up for it? No worries! There are fewer steeper mountains for you to climb if you simply want to try it out. 

Also, you are assured that this activity is safe because we’re well-equipped with the best rock climbing equipment. From strong cables that can carry people of different weights, strong-military grade helmets, and various protective gear so that you can keep your entire body safe as you climb.

Relax on our beautiful, sandy beaches

After months of hard work, we’re sure you want to try doing absolutely nothing. So if you want to just relax and lose yourself for a couple of hours, our sandy beaches will do the job. Then, when you get hungry or thirsty, you can refresh yourself at the local bars nearby. 

They offer a lot of delicious snacks and drinks for you to have. Whether you want a refreshing salad or a thick and filling burger, we have a lot of choices for you to eat and enjoy.

Enjoy our yoga classes

Since you’re here for a vacation, it’s clear that you need a break. As you’ve been tired by dozens of tasks or need a break from the people around you, your mind, body and spirit have lost their alignment with one another. The amount of stress you currently feel leaves you in a state of immense tiredness.

To help yourself be free of this tiredness, attend our yoga classes! These lessons are done on the beach on a mat with all the other guests. Using a variety of poses and stretching regimens, and finding focus among the cluttered mind, you’ll find yourself significantly freed from the tiredness you once had. 

We offer yoga classes for all levels, so when you attend a session, you won’t be feeling out-of-place. 

Experience a Thai massage

Is yoga a little difficult for you? Then have a massage instead to deal with your physical pains. Everyone knows that massage is a big part of our culture, so you know you’re going to get some of the best massages to help you relax!

Whatever ailments you have, be it a stiff neck or aching joints, there’s a Thai massage for you to enjoy and keep you relaxed. 

Go fishing

Food always tastes better when you’re involved in creating the meal itself. So if you want a delicious seafood dinner that makes you feel accomplished, go on fishing! 

Done every morning at 8 am, you and other guests can join our fishermen in catching some of the biggest fish in the sea. With a lot of species of fish for you to catch and eat, you are sure to have a good time going on fishing here at Koh Tao!

Extreme water sports

Exhilarating water thrills await you with our water sports! Let the waves bring you to exciting adventures as you surf, glide, and paddle your way through a variety of extreme, but safe courses. If your life needs some thrills, then our water sports can do the job.

Go kayaking with fellow guests 

Are water sports too extreme for you? Or do you want a simple boat ride with new friends? Then go on a kayaking boat trip with fellow guests. There, you’ll see the many natural beauties of the island like the breathtaking mountains, crystal clear waters, and even some exotic fish species. 

If you choose to go in the afternoon or nighttime, you can experience all that and more! In the afternoon session, you’ll see the sunset and the world be enveloped in a beautiful orange-purple colour. Meanwhile, at night time, you’ll see a beautiful night sky lit up by thousands of stars. 

Whenever you choose to go kayaking, many natural wonders await you!

Enjoy some local music

For a relaxing musical experience, visit one of the many local clubs at Koh Tao. There, they will serenade you with their angelic voices as they cover some of your favourite songs or sing some of their incredible originals. 

Try out some incredible drinks

While listening to some great music, you should also try out some of our unique alcoholic blends! Made from the best Thai alcohol and using some local fruits and a variety of ingredients, you and your friends can enjoy some truly delicious and exciting drinks!

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